Live From The Divide is dedicated to the mission of bringing the lineage and contemporary voice of the American Roots Singer/Songwriter to millions of listeners through the platform of Public Radio. To do this it takes an extreme amount of effort and financial obligation. Which is why we are accepting donations to assist with the production of the program. Just about anyone could agree that music, like nothing else, can reach into our lives and affect us. Young or old, it has the power to make us healthier, happier, and more connected as friends, family, and as parts of a larger community. Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years! 


If you'd rather help us meet our fundraising goal through our GOFUNDME page simply click the button below. Contributions of any amount is very much appreciated. All donations go directly towards the production of Live From The Divide. 

“Because it is free of the scramble of ratings, public broadcasting has room for experimentation and risk-taking. Public broadcasting is for all Americans. It can meet the needs of audiences that number in the millions but are seldom served anywhere else.”

-Jimmy Carter