Justin Bigart

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627 E Peach St
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Justin Bigart

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Justin Bigart

Alternative rock artist Justin Bigart, combines his cinematic music and accompanying visuals to create immersive audiovisual experiences. Born and raised in Missoula, Montana, Justin got much of his early music education from his dad's classic rock record collection, his mom's love of country music & Casey Kasem's Top 40 radio. Music was a magic tonic that he was content to enjoy as a fan with no creative ambitions of his own. Thanks largely to his mom, the stereo was always playing a soundtrack to their days…everything from Led Zeppelin, Willie Nelson, U2, Peter Gabriel, Johnny Cash, Genesis, The Beatles, The Doors, Garth Brooks, R.E.M., Aerosmith to Credence. If vulnerability was the sun, Justin was happiest in the shade until a friend suggested he pick up a guitar and - at the age of 37 - everything changed. Like a lot of us, the idea of making his own music was a lifeboat in a stormy sea. He was looking to reinvent after spending much of his life chasing someone else's dream. Looking to create. Looking to feel alive. Looking to explore the abstract. Songwriting helped him push through and a new universe exploded. His music reflects what he loves and his surroundings, heavily influenced by Americana, desert rock and gospel. As a self-proclaimed 'dopamine addicted heathen in search of redemption,’ Bigart's upbringing in Montana and his current life split between the mountains of Bozeman, MT and the deserts of Joshua Tree, CA, serve as constant sources of sonic and visual inspiration. His debut album, Western Carnival, came out late 2021. His current project, Pretty Dopamine Bullets, is an episodic visual album centered around the increasing prevalence of 'cheap dopamine' in society and the lengths we go to seek it.

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