Calder Allen

7:00 pm
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627 E Peach St
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Calder Allen

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Calder Allen

Calder Allen is a fifth generation Texan, a tried and true Austinite. His family on his mom’s side settled in the state capital in the 1890s. His dad’s side settled in Lubbock, and with that combination one can’t help but notice the deep-rooted Texan Earth from which he emerged. Calder has always written poems and stories, drawn and illustrated, but his true passion is music. He began taking it seriously after tearing his ACL for a second time in high school. He hasn’t looked back since. If Calder’s not writing or performing, chances are he’s knee-deep in the water fly fishing. Calder’s brother, Sled, introduced him to the fly fishing way of life at a very early age, and the passion stuck. Calder’s life philosophy is intertwined between the way he approaches music and fishing. “They both really calm me and make me pay extreme attention to whatever environment I am in. Allen approaches all of his songs the same way. He says, “When I write and make songs, I am doing it based on my experiences and the meaning they have for me. I want the listeners to decide how they feel personally about them and grab what they can as they relate to their own personal lives.” There are a few core tenants that Calder operates with. “I just want to create with intent. I want my songs to be pure, honest, and representative of who I am, what I believe, and what I would like the world to be”.

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