David Ramirez on Songwriting: Episode #7

Veteran singer-songwriter David Ramirez (who Paste once called "The best damn songwriter you don't know yet") was nothing short of magnificent during his performance at Live From The Divide. The room of 50 hung on every heart wrenching note Ramirez delivered "I've learned a lot from being alone and isolated," says Ramirez, who until recently toured completely by himself, without a band, manager or anyone else for company. "Yes, it's romantic in a way. But it has also been kind of rough on my head and my heart. After a while it made it difficult to connect with people on a personal level when I got home. In hindsight, I can see that it's been kind of detrimental. You know, when you travel around alone for months at a time, the world revolves around you. There's no one else in the equation. Everything was just about me. It's a selfish way of living. And I'm ready to move on from that."

Advice from David about songwriting?

"I believe in discipline but I also just really enjoy it. If you want to be a great writer then you need to write all time. Even after you've been doing it for 15 years your still going to write some terrible songs, so you just need to keep writing." 

-David Ramirez 

Photo by Jason Wickens

Photo by Jason Wickens

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