Sunny Sweeney on Songwriting: Episode #3

Sunny Sweeney is breath of fresh air. Not only is she powerful enough to command any stage, she is a bad ass songwriter. All the while maintaining a healthy dose of humility and approachability that draws her fan base in. That level of approachability has worked against her in the past with some not so welcome advice from fans. Yep, she wrote a song about that as well. Her flair for frankness can be plainly heard in her songs which never leaves you guessing how she really feels about something. Jewly Hight from NO DEPRESSION describes her perfectly. 

"That stubbornness definitely comes through in her singing; in her vinegary directness and occasional bold-faced sarcasm; in her knowing, straight-on phrasing and how little use she has for flowery embellishment; in the undiluted, hardcore twang of her timbre and its resistance to the leaven of pop, rock, or R&B influence.“This drunk guy at a bar one night goes, ‘Girl, you need to take that clothespin off your nose,’” she testifies. “And I said, ‘I borrowed it from Willie Nelson. It’s doing fine for him.’”  -Jewly Hight NO DEPRESSION

Songwriting advice from Sunny?

If you have fans, trust them. Even when it's not what you want to hear. 

"The way that I judge my songs is by my fans. And my fans are brutally honest. They will be the first ones to say it sucks or the first ones to say its great." -Sunny Sweeney

Photo by Jason Wickens

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