Paul Cauthen on Songwriting: Episode #4

Paul Cauthen is a singer-songwriter that grew up in Tyler, Texas. His grandfather was a songwriter and also led music for the local Church of Christ congregation. This is where Cauthen and his two sisters learned to sing harmony. After his grandfathers passing Paul wrote his first song and discovered that songwriting could be an outlet for his deepest thoughts and feelings. It is not easy to pigeon-hole Cauthen's music into a generic 'country' genre. It's blues, gospel, honky-tonk with a strong dose of rock-and-roll mixed in there. Just listen to those vocals! 

Advice from Paul about songwriting? 

"I believe a good song is one that can do the full circle of the spirit from musician to the audience member. From your mouth to their ears. If they love it then you did something right."

-Paul Cauthen

Photo by Jason Wickens

Photo by Jason Wickens

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