Band of Heathens on Songwriting: Episode #1

 When it comes to American-Roots music know one walks the walk like the Band of Heathens. Every member has the unique ability to write songs, arrange harmonies and come up with hooks that will leave you wanting more. Just looking at the overall musicianship of these guys is staggering to say the least. With an impressive 7 albums under their belt the Band of Heathens show no signs of slowing down. Gordy Quist laid out some sage advice regarding not getting "stuck" that I'd like to share with you. He uses the analogy of inputs & outputs to unpack the daunting task of keeping yourself creatively inspired. I'd also like to add that I am paraphrasing a bit so make sure you listen to podcast to hear the discussion in its entirety. 


Listen to new music or music that is foreign to you. Read books by authors that inspire you and that will will keep you thinking about using words in an interesting way. 


Play your instrument every day. Learn some new chords or a new progression in addition to writing in a journal without editing yourself. 

For more advice from the guys about songwriting and a few hand selected songs from their performance at Live From the Divide listen to the Podcast and don't forget to subscribe on iTunes.

Photo by Jason Wickens

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